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Current Projects

Waste Management

Plastic Recycling

Polyethylene Terepthalate

High-density Polyethylene

Recycled Plastic

Plastic Wood

Plastic Lumber

Tire Recycling

Recycled Tire Rubber

Lead Acid Batteries

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About us

Walid Hikmat (Mr.), a businessman with electronics engineering background and an extensive 42 years experience in computers, test equipment, communication and medical equipment, plastic and tire recycling, exhibitions and international trade with the Middle East, born in Naour - Jordan, graduated in electronics England 1970, then specialized in computers in 1972, attended 23 courses in electronics, communications, medical and test equipment, between 1980 and 1996 organized 75 trade events in 16 countries, then established a rubber and plastic recycling business in the USA, Egypt and Turkey till 2004. Since then he has specialized as a turnkey projects consultant in solid waste management particularly in municipal waste segregation, plastic, wood, scrap tire and lead acid battery recycling as well Carbon Capture and Sequestration - Please see the projects handled at the: Current Projects section in this website.

Proprietor of the Middle East Engineering Forum
Engineering, Environment, Recycling and More
CEO - Hikmat International Recycling - United Arab Emirates
Trading in recycled rubber, plastic and machinery

Services include:

  1. Tire Recycling Plants, Ambient Grinding, Cryogenic and Pyrolysis

  2. Rubber Tiles, Equestrian, Mulch and Granulates, Fiber, Steel

  3. ULAB - Used Lead Acid Batteries Recycling Plants

  4. Wood, Energy Pellets, Plastic Wood Composite

  5. Plastic Recycling Plants Including PET, PE, PP, PS, PC, PVC Films, Hollow and Rigid

  6. Carbon Capture and Sequestration

  7. Municipal Waste Management, Solid Waste Segregation, Composting

  8. Waste to Energy, Plasma Gasification Plants

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