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Complete plants

We have the necessary expertise in advising on complete plants in the following fields:

Scrap Tires Recycling

  • CRUMB Rubber production

  • Waste to energy tire chips

  • Complete Tires to Diesel Fuel plants

  • Complete rubber tiles making plants from recycled tires

Plastic Recycling

  • PET Plastic scrap from bottle to bottle

  • PE, PP, PS, PC and other plastics from scrap to pellets

Plastic Wood - Lumber "Timber"

  • Complete Waste to Energy Plants

  • Plastic waste + sawdust "or any other biomass material" into plastic wood profiles

  • Plastic waste + sawdust "or any other biomass material" into plastic plywood

Solid Waste Management

  • Complete municipals solid waste segregation lines

Scrap lead acid batteries

  • ULAB recycling plants to extract lead, plastic and raw material for the detergent industry.

Please contact us if you are planning a recycling plants in any of the above mentioned fields. We will help you in design, supply, erection and commissioning of complete plants and in accordance with the required environmental standards.