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PET Bottle Scrap Recycling & Trading

We collect, recycle and trade PET Bottle Scrap (Waste) in the following forms:

  1. Crushed in 10-12 mm flakes

  2. Bales of around 80 Kg each bale

  3. All material color separated

Crushed Flakes

  1. Pre-consumer (Post-industrial, without caps, rings or labels)

  2. Post-consumer boiled-washed or unwashed with caps rings and labels

  3. Price: "Unwashed" $825/Mt. FOB  "Washed" $1,250/Mt. FOB  Post-consumer.

Baled Bottles

  1. Pre-consumer (Post-industrial, without caps, rings or labels)

  2. Post-consumer with caps, rings and labels

  3. Price: $650/Mt. FOB Post-consumer

Bottle color composition:

  1. 80% Clear

  2. 15% Light blue

  3. 5% Green


  1. Flakes washed or unwashed in 50 Kg used PP bags, 25 Mt. in each 40' HQ Container

  2. Bales 50X50X80 cm at 80 Kg/Bale 18-19 Mt. in each 40' HQ Container


  1. Delivery - Standard delivery time four weeks from order confirmation

  2. Quantity - Our capacity is 200-300 Mt/Month depending on the season

  3. Payment - 50/50 T/T

General material specifications

  1. MI: 255-264 Degrees

  2. IV: 0.73-0.83

  3. PVC: < 1ppm

  4. Labels: Paper

  5. Caps/Rings: PP/PE


  1. Free

  2. Shipping at buyer's cost

Photos (click on photo to enlarge)

Post industrial

Washed Unwashed Baled
Post Industrial PET Bottle Flakes Washed & Dried PET Bottle Flakes Unwashed PET Bottle Flakes Baled PET Bottle Scrap (Waste)

For inquiries contact:

Tel: 00971-50-3740617 E-mail:  plastictires@gmail.com