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Single and Specific Function Machines

Recycling of various material requires various machines, the selection of machinery is either based on a specific material, specific function and widely dependant on the the material characteristics, its volume and the quality of end product.

We offer our services in helping our clients make the right selection of machinery for the right material. We are also in a position to offer design and manufacturing of special function machines that will do a specific job.

Available for sale (Sold):

Our clients using old technology tyre recycling machines have decided to install higher quality machines need to sell their plant machinery installed recently composed of the following:

1-     Sidewall cutters

2-     Strip cutter

3-     Wire removers

4-     Block grinders

5-     Pulverizes

Full details available on request, plants located in KSA and Egypt sold where is as is without warranty

Pictures and supplier details available

 Contact us for details: plastictires@gmail.com